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Advanced course in archery with Henry Bodnik
Bodnik Bows - Advanced Course

Advanced Course

Instinctive Archery according to Henry Bodnik

What are the mental skills required for successful
instinctive archery?
In the advanced course for instinctive archery, we work together exploring the various mental aspects of instinctive archery. This important area is the focus of the 1st training pillar. In the advanced course we add the 1st training pillar for instinctive archery to our training setup. The advanced course provides more insight and information that will enhance your knowledge of instinctive archery.
To participate in any of our training courses it is necessary to have first completed our basic course!
Instinctive archery Henry Bodnik

The advanced course also gives the participants an opportunity to extensively practice the basic visual exercises in conjunction with our "Super Point" training, allowing you to check your inner vision or readjust it as needed while you are shooting.

An analysis of various shooting situations as well as a small final tournament are also part of the instinctive archery advanced course.

Course contents

  • Base Line (Video)
  • Theory (the mental basics, arrow physics, bare shaft testing)
  • Active, hands-n training of the 3 training pillars
  • Basic visual exercises
  • Super Point Training Shooting the 3D course and Analysis
  • Course Duration: 2 days
  • Price: 388 Euros
Henry Bodnik - Advanced Course, Base Line

Base Line

The compiling of the individual personal diagnosis (base line) is an important part of the advanced course for instinctive archery because here we identify the base line, or starting point for each course participant individually.

In contrast to the basic course, in the advanced course we digitally record everyone’s base line, starting point, so that it can be analyzed by instructor and student together on the screen. Being able to discuss these things face to face, one on one with each course participant is one of the many advantages of the advanced course. Visual information is an important mental element for ensuring a successful shot process for everyone in instinctive archery.

Instinctive archery, advanced course - bare shaft testing

Bare shaft testing

We will learn the theory behind bare shaft testing. You will learn how it ties in with the importance of the mental training and the basic arrow knowledge we already have. This all comes into play during the actual bare shaft testing process. Then, with our bows and bare shafting, each participant will have the opportunity to physically carry out their own bare shaft testing session. In this session, we take what we have learned in the theory section, and put it all to work for us. We shoot and tune the bare shafting until we achieve perfect flight. The process will show us exactly what arrow and arrow configuration we need for our specific bows. This allows us to not only learn the best possible method for determining the arrow that we need for our bows, but teaches us hands-on how this system works so we now own the knowledge of how to end up with arrows that fly perfectly, so we can always be shooting at our optimum performance level.

Advanced course with Henry Bodnik, Mentaltraining


In this advanced instinctive archery course we dedicate time for expanding what you have learned about the 3-pillars with more in-depth and intense training. We work both mentally and physically on all the aspects, elements, and techniques that you learned about in pillar1, pillar 2, and pillar 3 when you participated in our basic course on instinctive archery. We go into deeper detail on everything the 3 pillars offer us. You will learn mental exercises and techniques that will help you with both the mental and the physical aspects of your personal instinctive archery experience. Master these elements and techniques and you will master your shooting.

Instinctive archery, advanced course with Henry Bodnik


The final part of the advanced course is a one-on-one discussion after which each participant receives his course documents, the Instinctive Archery patch and a certificate for successfully completing the "Instinctive Archery Advanced Course".

Henry Bodnik Instinctive Archery

All of our archery courses and seminars are designed to teach archers how to use a bow and arrow in a natural, instinctive way.

Instinctive Archery with Henry Bodnik

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