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Bodnik Bows models
Bodnik Bows - Bows Models

Bodnik Bows Models

Bow Models

Bodnik Bows have earned a spectacular reputation as fast, stable, and beautiful bows. They are extremely popular with traditional serious archers everywhere. Top traditional archers recognize Bodnik Bows as the best performing, most natural pointing, smooth, and super accurate bows they have ever shot!

Bodnik Custom Bows

Custom Bows

Each and every Henry Bodnik signature bow is a masterpiece, hand crafted by the master bowyers of Bodnik Bows. The bow making process involves many intricate steps that must be performed meticulously by confident skilled hands and guided by the practiced eyes of truly skilled bow makers. At Bodnik Bows only the best materials meet our high standards of quality, visual beauty, and the performance required by Henry Bodnik. Only the best of bows

are worthy of the Henry Bodnik signature and released to the world as one of the few, prestigious - Henry Bodnik Signature Sticks.

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One-Piece Recurve Bows

One-Piece Recurve Bows

The extremely popular Redman Hunting Recurve from Bodnik Bows is recognized in America as one of the fastest traditional recurve bows in all of traditional archery. The short and powerful Kiowa recurve is also a popular bow that has earned its place through the years as a sweet shooting, fast recurve. Our one-piece recurve bows have a very large fan base worldwide because of their good looks, quality craftsmanship, and their impressive performance and blazing fast arrow speeds. At Bodnik Bows, we're proud of all our one-piece recurve bows as they continue to impress instinctive archers around the world with their outstanding performance, graceful lines and stunning combinations of beautiful natural woods.

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Bodnik Rider Bows


Compact and powerful, Rider bows were developed centuries ago for archers to shoot accurately from the back of galloping horses! These bows are steeped in history, were known around the world, and are wonderful masterpieces of engineering and craftsmanship. These unique bows are quite popular with archers everywhere and you will see these beautiful bows at many of the archery tournaments, fairs, and on the 3D course.

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Bodnik Take Down Bows

Take Down Bows

The versatile Mohawk takedown from Bodnik Bows is easily one of the most recognized and sought after bows in the world of traditional archery. Our Mohawk takedowns have been years in the making. Since their introduction some years ago, we have continued to enhance the graceful lines, the limb materials, the performance, and the shot experience. The Mohawk takedown bow is a very flexible system. We offer risers and limbs of various lengths that can be mixed and matched allowing you to create the perfect bow for you in all situations. We offer both recurve limbs and our high-performance hybrid limbs in various lengths and draw weights. All of the risers and limbs are interchangeable allowing you to also create different bow set-ups for different archery or bowhunting situations. With the Mohawk take-down bow, you are in control. You can create your own limb and riser combinations to fit your every need. Here at Bodnik Bows we believe that the Mohawk takedown bow system offers the perfect solution for every archer in any situation!

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Bodnik Longbow, American Flatbow

Longbows - American Flatbow

These are our classic longbows which, you will see, have been designed with graceful lines and built not only for top performance, but also with great care to ensure that they will satisfy the requirements of those in the archery associations and the tournament organizers so they will allow them to be used in the category of 'longbow' at the various archery shoots, tournaments, and events you attend.

It is important for you to pay attention to the specifications of each of these longbows, with regard to the shape of the bow, the design of the limbs and the length of the bow, so that the requirements of these associations are met. Even though these classic longbows from Bodnik Bows were designed to meet the requirements of the "longbow" class in tournaments, we're certain that you will be impressed with how natural they are to point, how powerful the cast, the inherent accuracy, and the shooting comfort of these beautiful longbows.

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Bodnik Bows Hybrid Longbow

Longbows - Hybrid Longbow

Our hybrid longbow is, in the opinion of Henry Bodnik, the perfect bow for instinctive archery. It is his personal favourite for many reasons. Imagine a bow that incorporates all of the best qualities of recurve bows and longbows and combines them into one, unique, easy to shoot, hi-performance bow. In our hybrid bows, we have done just that! We have taken all the best advantages of a longbow and all the performance of a recurve and perfectly combined them to produce a one-of-a-kind bow packed with performance and steady comfortable shooting qualities at the highest level. After much research and trials by fire, Bodnik Bows is now able to produce these longbows with the performance of a recurve bow without sacrificing the forgiveness of longbows. The hybrid longbow is a short, easy to shoot, well balanced yet extremely powerful longbow that is in no way inferior to a recurve in its shooting performance!

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Children’s and Youth Bows

Children’s and Youth Bows

When your arrows hit their mark, archery is a lot more enjoyable and fun! That is exactly what we want our children to experience whether shooting at home, or the course or in a tournament. Here at Bodnik Bows we understand that our children are the future of archery. We understand that archery should be fun and exciting, especially for our young archers. With that in mind, we have developed easy to shoot, beautiful longbows and recurves that have powerful limbs to drive the arrows of these young archers accurately to their target. We have given a great thought to the combination of materials and the construction of these special traditional bows. These fine bows are the result of our passion for instinctive archery and our love for the young archers coming up. We've designed all of our children's bows and youth bows to be equal to the bows we offer for adults. Your children and young adults will be proud to shoot their own high-quality Bodnik Bow.

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Bodnik Bows Online Shop

Bodnik Bow Custom Kiowa

Visit our online shop and buy your Bodnik Bow directly

Bodnik Bows 30 Jahre Garantie

Our famous 30-year bow guarantee proves that Henry Bodnik and Bodnik Bows have complete confidence in the quality and workmanship of every Bodnik Bow produced. They stand together in their commitment to the quality of each and every one of their handcrafted traditional bows by offering this strong 30-year guarantee!

Henry Bodnik Instinctive Archery

All of our archery courses and seminars are designed to teach archers how to use a bow and arrow in a natural, instinctive way.

Instinctive Archery with Henry Bodnik

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