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About Bodnik Bows
Bodnik Bows

About Bodnik Bows

The Story, performance, quality, guarantee & production

The Story of Bodnik Bows

Made by archers – For archers!

In 2002, together with my original bow makers, I began to implement and refine my concepts and ideas and so began to build traditional longbows and recurves. One at a time, bow by bow, we continued our quest and find ourselves today with an entire line of now world-famous Bodnik Bows. We designed every single recurve and longbow from a combination of our own experiences and requirements, as well as the needs of and feedback from the many archers, bowhunters and instinctive archery course participants we came into contact with wherever we went.

During the many years we have been developing and producing Bodnik Bows, we have been constantly learning the small subtle nuances of what makes a better bow design. As we learn, we change, tweak, and modify our designs to keep them on the cutting edge of bow performance. With this sort of dedication and commitment, we continue to craft what we believe to be the best bows in the world - the legendary recurves and longbows of Bodnik Bows!

The Bodnik Bows team of master bow builders continues to craft each and every single longbow and recurve - by hand - in our modern bow manufacturing facility in Tachov.

Today, the longbows and recurves of the Bodnik Bows brand have become an integral part of the world of traditional archery and bowhunting. The quality and performance of the longbows and recurves from Bodnik Bows are legendary around the world. Many national and international titles in various classes have been won with our smooth, fast, longbows and recurves, and bowhunters everywhere trust Bodnik Bows.

The world-famous and legendary Shrew Bows have been built by Ron LaClair from Michigan at Bodnik Bows since 2018. The beautiful craftsmanship of our bow builders, the increased performance of the Shrew bows we build, the unique Bodnik Bows 30 year guarantee convinced Ron LaClair to put his trust in the reliable, consistent, manufacturing capabilities of Bodnik Bows. We are proud to build the spectacular bows for this respected American bow brand here at Bodnik Bows. Meanwhile, Henry Bodnik and Ron LaClair have a personal friendship and have brought Ron's Shrew Bows back into the spotlight of traditional archery and bowhunting for good!


Bodnik Bows, Nothing Else

Henry M. Bodnik

Three important terms stand as our
credo for Bodnik Bows:
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Guarantee


The three main components of optimum performance are; a smooth comfortable draw, a powerful flat trajectory, and a silent, quiet finish after the shot. All Bodnik Bows are designed to be extremely powerful and comfortable to shoot. Bodnik Bows will captivate you from the first shot!

We don't really need to advertise Bodnik Bows! Every Bodnik Bow does the advertising itself!



This is the question I ask myself about the quality of a bow! Would I take this bow on my next trip to the Canadian wilderness and can I rely on it? I KNOW that I can rely 100% on my Bodnik Bow. In addition to the impressive performance of all Bodnik Bows, our reputation for quality materials and craftsmanship combined with our amazing durability is legendary!

On my next trip into the wilderness, I will rely on the only bow I trust, my Bodnik Bow!  (Henry Bodnik)


Bodnik Bow Custom quickstick


If a bow every breaks, it is almost always a flaw in the materials or a problem that occurred during the manufacturing process! It is almost never the archer's fault! We also believe that when a manufacturer guarantees a bow, the guarantee should not expire if the bow is resold. Nor should a guarantee be restricted to a minimum arrow weight. For that reason, Bodnik Bows offers a blanket 30-year guarantee on all of our bows. The guarantee stays with the bow, even if you sell it to someone else. There is no minimum arrow weight requirement either. When you purchase a Bodnik Bow, you are entering in to a partnership with us that will last at least 30 years!

Our unprecedented 30-year guarantee has made us famous!


Every single Bodnik Bow is handcrafted in our Tachov, Czech Republic Facility

Bodnik Bows has been producing high-quality traditional bows for many years. It has always been our mission to create the best bows possible for instinctive archers around the world. We have dedicated years to the research, development, and refinement of all our longbows and recurves. This has allowed us to design and bring to you, some of the finest bows available anywhere. Here at Bodnik Bows, we take great pride in building these impressive bows. Our team of master bow builders are skilled craftsmen dedicated to carefully crafting, by hand, each and every one of our longbows and recurve bows - for you. Every single Bodnik Bow is made by hand in our bow making facility located in Tachov.

Henry Bodnik Instinctive Archery

All of our archery courses and seminars are designed to teach archers how to use a bow and arrow in a natural, instinctive way.

Instinctive Archery with Henry Bodnik

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