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Basic course in archery with Henry Bodnik
Bodnik Bows

Basic Course

Instinctive Archery, according to Henry Bodnik

If you are new to archery, this is where you begin your journey, taking your first steps down the path of instinctive archery. However, if you are already an instinctive shooter, but you are not satisfied with your shooting technique and would like to improve your results, this is the first course you should take.

Instinctive Archery, Henry Bodnik

In this 2-day course, the seminar participants will learn all the important basics of instinctive archery. The three most important questions of instinctive archery wil be described, explained, and clarified in a clear and understandable manner:

  • Why is it called instinctive archery?
  • How does instinctive archery work?
  • How do I train for instinctive archery?

Course Contents

  • Base Line
  • Theory (definition of terms, shooting technique, instinctive archery, training theory)
  • Basic visual exercises
  • Active training the 2nd and 3rd training pillars
  • Creation of your personal record
  • 3 D Training
  • Seminar durations: 2 Days
  • Price: 388 Euros
Henry Bodnik - Basic Course in Instinctive Archery

The current status of the instinctive archer - Baseline

In the first part of the archery course on instinctive archery, each archer's baseline is determined.

All course participants shoot at different distances, both the results and the technical characteristics of each participant is recorded and recorded for a diagnostic determination.

We then determine the actual status of each course participant through the application of our detailed diagnostic system.

Only after we complete the diagnosis and discover your current status, or base line, can we measure the potential for your personal improvement. Once this has been determined, we will discuss the results together so you have a clear understanding of where you are to begin, and where you have yet to go. 

In the theory section of this archery course, all the basics of instinctive archery are reviewed and explained. In the second part of the archery course the core topics we will cover are; shooting technique, instinctive archery, archery training, bow physics and arrow physics.

Basic Course in Archery

The visual aspect of instinctive archery - what does my archery form look like now?

Here we will introduce for the first time the basic visual exercises as an important training tool to help you understand the visual aspects of instinctive archery.

In the third part of the archery course, we will work on correcting your shooting technique instructing you on how to internalise this simple method to improve your instinctive shooting technique.

You will discover that everything is easier with the right shooting technique! The right shooting technique is the foundation for every successful shot.

Basic Course by Henry Bodnik

The optimum bow weight and the perfect arrows - what do I need to concentrate on?

Together we will create a personal record in which all important data about each individual participant, their bow and their arrows are measured and recorded.

Together we determine for each participant the proper combination of bow weight and arrow spine values to match their bow.

It is a very important personal concern for me that all my seminar participants learn enough knowledge about the technical aspects of their archery equipment so that they will not make any wrong purchases in the future.

Each participant will receive this personal profile along with their course documents at the end of the seminar.

Basic Course in instinctive archery with Henry Bodnik

Shooting with Henry Bodnik on the 3D Course with bow and arrow - what must we be careful of on the 3D course?

At the end of the basic archery course everyone will have an opportunity to shoot the 3D course together. During this round we practice using the shooting technique we leaned during the class. Once we finish shooting the 3D course the class will end.

During the final class recap and discussion, each participant will receive their course documents, their Instinctive Archery patch, their personal record and a certificate for the successful completion of the basic instinctive archery course.

Henry Bodnik Instinctive Archery

All of our archery courses and seminars are designed to teach archers how to use a bow and arrow in a natural, instinctive way.

Instinctive Archery with Henry Bodnik

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