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Bodnik Bowhunter challange competition rules
Bodnik Bowhunter Challenge

Bowhunter Challenge
Competition Rules

by Henry Bodnik

Bow Classes - Bowhunter Challenge

Class 1 - Wooden Bows

Natural material limbs without any fiberglass laminations. Arrows must be made of wood and shot over the back of the hand. Mediterranean anchor with a defined anchor point is required.

Class 2 - Traditional

Longbows and recurve bows, which are shot off the shelf. Arrow rests, sights, and stabilizers are not allowed. The arrows must be made of wood. Mediterranean anchor with a defined anchor point required.

Class 3 - Traditional Open

Longbows and recurve bows, which may be equipped with an elevated arrow rest and/or a stabilizer up to 12" in length. The arrows can be made of any material. At least one finger must touch the arrow nock and only one defined anchor point is allowed. Buttons, plungers and similar devices that influence the arrow flex (archer's paradox) at the shot are not allowed.

Age Classes

Men: Men aged 18 and over
Women: Women aged 18 and over
Children: Male and female children up to the age of 11 years 
Adolescents: Male and female adolescents from ages 12 to 18 years of age

Scoring - Bowhunter Challenge

Scoring 1st day 2-Arrow Round

1 and 2 arrow hits the kill: Score each arrow 10 points;
1 and 2 arrow body hits: Score each arrow -2 points;
1 and 2 arrow miss: Score each arrow 0 points.

Children do not lose any points for missing the kill. Body hits are scored with 0

Scoring 2nd Day 1-Arrow Hunter Round

1 Arrow Hits the Kill: 20 points;
1 Arrow Hits the Body: -5 points;
1 Arrow Miss: 0 points

Children do not lose any points for missing the kill. Body hits are scored with 0

Kill Shot Scoring:

The outer (large) circle of the 3D animal is scored as a kill. Only the kill area directly facing the shooter is scored. The kill is considered to be hit if at least a portion of the outer ring is touched by the arrow.

Nations Cup

The top 3 individual scores of the different nations participating in the tournament will be used to determine the winner of the Nations Cup.

Final Shooting

The top 3 - 5 shooters of all men, women and youth classes will compete on the afternoon of the second day of the competition before the award ceremony to determine the overall tournament champion. The winner will be announced as the champion and be awarded the victor's bonus. Children cannot participate in the final.

Preise Finale

  • Place: Tournament victory and bonus of 500 Euros
  • Places: Premium of 300 Euros
  • Place: Bonus of 100 Euros

Sponsor of the cash rewards Bearpaw Products GmbH

Bodnik Bows

Grand Prize Raffle

After the finale, the award ceremony and the grand prize raffle will take place! At the raffle, every tournament participant who is present has the opportunity to win high-quality equipment prizes! The individual prizes will be raffled off among all participants. Depending on the number of participants, a total of 30 - 60 equipment prizes will be raffled off.

  • Sonderversion Bodnik Bows Mohawk Chief
  • Raffle Prize: LongLife Wolverine 3D Target
  • Raffle Prize: Stone Marten 3D Target
Sponsors of the raffle
Bodnik Bows
LongLife 3 D Targets
Longlife 3D Parcours

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