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The 30-Years Shrew Bows Guarantee

All Shrew Bows, every one, is carefully handmade by skilled, custom craftsmen. Our master bowyers pour their experience, skills, and passion into building our beautiful traditional bows.

We are 100% confident in the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and performance of our Shrew bows. Together with Henry Bodnik and Bodnik Bows, we can offer a unique guarantee on our Shrew Bows. All Shrew Bows built by Bodnik Bows are guaranteed for 30 years under the following conditions.


    • Shrew Bows Guarantee is not limited by the arrow weight gpi. (gpi = grains per inch).
    • Shrew Bows Guarantee stays in effect even if you resell your bow.
    • Shrew Bows Guarantee is active for a full 30-years.
    • Ron LaClair, Henry Bodnik and the bowyer of Bodnik Bows personally back and support this guarantee.


    • Broken limbs;
    • Delamination of limbs;
    • Cracks in limbs and limb laminations;
    • Broken risers;
    • Cracks in risers;
    • Broken bow tips or bow tip overlays.


    • Any twisting of the limbs that occurs after 6 months of purchasing the bow;
    • Repairs and obvious signs of wear;
    • Visual objections to the clarity of the glass.

Immediate negating of the guarantee

    • Any drilling, grinding, or filing done to the bow which was not performed by Shrew Bows
    • Any grossly negligent or wilful destruction or damage caused to the bow Guarantee.


    • Shrew Bows may elect to make repairs to your bow
    • Replacement of the bow

How to initiate the Shrew Bows Guarantee process

You can contact Shrew Bows by phone or email for more information on how to process your warranty!

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