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Bowhunter challenge events by Bodnik Bows
Bodnik Bowhunter Challenge

Bodnik Bowhunter Challenge Events

Shrew Bow and Bodnik Bowhunter Challenges 2024

For registration and further informations, please contact the organizer in the respective country directly.
Shrew Bow Challenge

28.06 - 30.06.2024 Germany

Organizer: Henry Bodnik, Tim Cosgrove, Shrew Bows
Location: Bogensporthotel Bad, Eisenbach/Hochschwarzwald

For Shrew Bow bowhunter and archers only

Registration will take place online at a later date. Do not try to register by email.

BBHC Romania

08.06. - 09.06.2024

Organizer: Oxygenart Romania and Henry Bodnik
Sponsors: Oxygenart Romania,Global Archery Enterprise, Bodnik Bows, LongLife 3 D Targets and Henry Bodnik

BBHC United Kingdom

13.07. - 14.07.2024

Organizer: Senlac Field Bowmen and Henry Bodnik
Sponsors: Archers Jewelery, Merlin Archery, Bodnik Bows, LongLife 3 D Targets and Henry Bodnik


BBHC Austria

03. - 04.08.2024

Organizer: Michael Wagner, Bogensport beim Holzmichl and Henry Bodnik
Sponsors: Bogensport beim Holzmichl, Bogensport Austria, LongLife 3 D Targets, Bodnik Bows and Henry Bodnik


Will not take place in 2024

Organizer: Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Switzerland
Sponsors: Bodnik Bows, LongLife 3 D Targets, Bearpaw Schweiz, Bogensporthotel Bad, Bow Targets

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