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Warranty Claim

Every single Bodnik Bow is fully protected by the 30-Years Bodnik Bows warranty and handcrafted at our Bodnik Bows workshop by our skilled bowyers.

We are working with natural materials and our bowyers standing behind every single Bodnik Bow with their skills and their pride.

Your Bodnik Bow is the robust and reliable companion out at the 3D range, at your traditional bowhunt, your outdoor activities and at many other activities. Nevertheless, due to the fact that your bow is built out of natural materials and many single steps are necessary to finish your Bodnik Bow, it can happen that you need to activate your Bodnik Bows warranty.

No problem at all! Bodnik Bows do have one oft he best warranties in the world of archery.

Here you will find all necessary information how to activate your Bodnik Bows warranty claim.

What do you have to do to activate your warranty claim?

1. Read our Bodnik Bows warranty terms very carefully. We placed there all important information about our Bodnik Bows warranty.

2. If you need to place your order directly to Bodnik Bows we will need some information in order to process and decide quickly and professionally about your warranty claim. Please complete the warranty claim form below.

Warranty Claim Form

Personal Data
By submitting the registration form, you consent to us saving the personal information provided in order to process the request and contact us. The information will not be passed on to anyone else and will only be used to contact you. You have the right to request the correction, blocking or deletion of this data at any time.
Bow not purchased from a Bodnik Bows dealer

If you did not buy your bow from a Bodnik Bows dealer and you want to place your warranty claim directly to Bodnik Bows, please email us the required images in a separate email. You will find this detailed information below the headline „How to process the Bodnik Bows 30-Year Warranty“.
Please send your pics to our Service Team:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.