Love my Bodnik Longbow

Stefan owned 3 different Bodnik Bows we want to share his experience with you. We are just starting here wis his Bodnik Longbow but of course we will pass his impressions about his 2 more Bodnik Bows to you too. Thank you Stefan Wester to share his experiences with us and the archery community.

"My Bodnik longbow 40#@28

I have shoot a few different longbows, but nothing that compares to this Bow. 

I think it feels extremly comfertoble and very very smooth drawing and very fast. 

I put my own strings silencers of yarn on the whisper string. And now it is almost l ust ittle to none handshoock. I dont feel that this bow is any slower than the hybrid bows. But it seems to be little more forgiving. I just took it out and started shooting dead on straight. The handle is a little different, longer and flater, i dont have very big hands, but still the Bodnik Longbow suits me very good. 

I have just got a dosen of bearpaw premium spruce shafts 40#+ i am goding to try with this bow."

Stefan Wester (Sweden)

We are always happy getting such great feedbacks from archers and bowhunters around the world.

We are looking forward to get your feedback with a pic shooting your Bodnik Bow to share it with the archery and bowhunter community around the world.

Feel free to send your feedback and pic to: 

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Henry M Bodnik

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Of course just like every Bodnik Bow our Bodnik Longbow is protected by our legendary 30 Years Bodnik Bows warranty too!

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