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The fascination of this venerable traditional bow brand from Michigan is running rampant! Yes, these impressive little compact bows with their amazing combination of smooth draw and powerful performance form the basis for this internal image and this very special feeling, which our Shrew Bows seem to inspire in anyone who shoots one. Yet this phenomenon is so prevalent in Shrew Bow owners that it's universal. Shrew bows produce a strong affinity, loyalty, and a feeling of coming 'home' to the bow you have always longed for.  

This personal identification with the brand and the enthusiasm for the bows themselves is obvious from the many posts and testimonials of every single archer and bow hunter who ventures out afield with their Shrew Bows to collect points, win tournaments, or to bring home the big game animals they pursue.

Mario Setznagel is a traditional archer from the BSC Holzmichl archery club in Styria. He has shared with us a very special expression of his personal enthusiasm for his Shrew Bow

"Actually, I wanted a Custom Super Redman from Bodnik Bows. But then I was fortunate enough to be allowed to try a Shrew at the Holzmichl and was in love with this wonderful bow from the start! I couldn't help it! I had to have one! And I was not disappointed with my Siberian Tiger!"

Mario Setznagel

The Shrew Bows story is over 30 years old and began in Michigan. With his introduction of Shrew Bows to traditional archers, Ron LaClair developed and offered the first short hybrid longbows for bow hunters in the USA. He is considered to be the one to first discover the benefits of short hybrid longbows. He created a small, lightweight bow that pointed naturally, was buttery smooth to draw, and cast a blazing fast arrow. It's no wonder that bowhunters and instinctive archers all around the world are developing a fascination with Shrew Bows!

You can find the whole fascinating history of this particular bow brand on the Shrew Bows website

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