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YouTube review of the Shrew Classic Hunter II 52"

We have to thank ReconRokon for this review of the Shrew Classic Hunter II longbow in the 52" version.

I personally do love the short and powerfull 52" version of the Shrew Classic Hunter II. Right now I`m waiting for my personal one in the beautiful Heritage version. I do love to see the structure of the nice white Makassar veneers shimmering through the green fiberglas with its whiff of transparency. This green vintage version of our Shrew Bows reminding me about the bows of the good old days when modern archery started. But even the regular version with its dark and heavy Mycarta riser got an amazing reputation.

Thanks again for this nice product review

For bowhunting I strongly recommending the 52" Classic Hunter II up to the draw length of 29". An extremely hard hitting and maneuverable hunting bow. Used this short and powerful version of a Shrew Bow successfully at my Whitetail hunt fall 2019 in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Still fine for my 30" draw length!!

Just check the draw weight curve below to get detailed information about the amazing 52" short Shrew Classic Hunter II.

Before the Rest
Still the Best

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