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Product Review of the Shrew Classic Hunter II, 54"

Thanks to Peter Humphrey from Silver Archery in UK for this great product review of our Shrew Classic Hunter II in a bowlength of 54".

Peter got his personal Shrew Classic Hunter II a few weeks ago. He got a very dark version with a full black mycarta riser and black limbs. His Shrew is built in a 2 piece break down version.

Peter Humphrey is from UK and our legendary Shrew Bows brand is starting to thrill archers in this European motherland of archery. Our great US brand is already strong in Europe.

Let`s see whats his first impressions about the Shrew Classic Hunter II.

The Shrew Classic Hunter II, 54" is perfect for all draw length up to 30". Smooth and comfortable with no finger pinch. 

Peter talked a lot about the great history of the Shrew Bows. Our legendary Michiganian brand is more than 30 years old. A long history in archery and bowhunting of course!

Just follow the link below to catch more backround about the Shrew Bows brand!

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