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Bowhunting 2021 with Shrewbows - Kamrons Elk

Kamron Elkins sent us two pics and his report about his elk hunt! We have to thank him to go with our great US brand and to shoot a Shrew Bow.

Congratulations for your first big game harvested with a tradbow!
Nice harvest!

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My name is Kamron Elkins. I purchased a 52” Classic Hunter II from you back in September and absolutely love it! Yesterday I harvested my first animal with it! My first cow elk and my first big game animal with a traditional bow. I’m super excited and thankful. Thank you all for the great customer service and quality bow! I’ll continue to hunt with it for years to come.

I spotted this cow bedded up against the bottom of a finger coming off a sandstone bluff. I got as close as I could, kind of around the corner from her and waited for her to graze out of her bed for the evening. As the sun got low she got up and walked out right in front of me at 10 yards. I put an arrow right in her shoulder crease. She ran up and over a small hill and piled up under a tree. Recovered her at about 200 yards.
My Shrew is my most trusted bow and always hits the mark as long as I do my part. Amazing craftsmanship!

Thank you,
Kamron Elkins

Like Ron LaClair said!

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