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The Ghost of Armstrong Creek - A poem by Ron LaClair

The Ghost of Armstrong Creek is one of the most famous and beloved poems ever written by Ron Laclair. This enchanting tale takes place along the banks of Armstrong Creek, a beautiful river that flows through the wild north country of Michigan's upper peninsula, where you will find the traditional bowhunting camp fondly referred to by Ron LaClair and his bowhunting friends as Shrew Haven.

  • Shrew Haven, a magical, mystical place and birthplace of many legends
  • Shrew Haven, a bowhnter's paradise where countless bowhunting stories have been shared for decades
  • Shrew Haven in Michigan's untamed Upper Peninsula

The Shrew Haven Deerhunting Camp, where every new model of Shrew Bow must be tested and put through its paces. Then, only when they have passed the tough, real-life bowhunting requirements of the crew from Shrew Haven will they be granted permission to join the respected family of Shrew Bows. Only then will they earn the right to wear the official mark, the family crest of Shrew Bows, and be proudly offered to all discerning instinctive archers and traditional bowhunters.

There, on Armstrong Creek, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Shrew Haven Deerhunging Camp has been the home to many earnest hunters through the years. Ron Laclair and his traditional bowhunting friends, have called Shrew Haven home for many years, and who knows who else may have walked this hallowed ground in the days of yore?

Enjoy this favorite of poems by Ron LaClair. Drift back in time, walk with Ron as he shares one of his amazing memories of this wild and wonderful place and a very special hunt with the bow and arrow.

Now, here is Ron LaClair, sharing his famous poem with his grandchildren.

The Armstrong Creek

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