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Henry Bodnik's News about Instinctive Archery

Ron LaClair`s Turkey hunting story

Ron LaClair`s Turkey hunting story I had tried many times to take a turkey with my bow but to no avail. I just couldn't get one in close enough for a shot without them seeing me when I moved to draw my bow. I finely bought a Hidden Hunter blind to keep me concealed when I drew my bow.  It was the morning of the first day and as dawn broke I could...

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Gene Wensel Shrew Bow Testimonial

Gene Wensel Shrew Bow Testimonial It`s quite a time ago when legendary bowhunter Gene Wensel took this nice buck with his Shrew Bow and sent us his feedback. We are proud about his feedback and to publish this great pic!  We have to thank legendary bowhunter Gene Wensel for his great feedback and his endorsement to publish his pic with feddback. Thank...

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Which Shrew Bow length will best fit my draw length?

Which Shrew Bow length will best fit my draw length? Shrew Bows are recognized around the world as one of the fastest most powerful – smooth drawing compact bows ever produced! Even though Shrew Bows are unbelievably compact, their draw is exceptionally smooth and comfortable. In addition, our legendary semi-static limb design effectively eliminates...

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Love my Bodnik Longbow

Love my Bodnik Longbow Stefan owned 3 different Bodnik Bows we want to share his experience with you. We are just starting here wis his Bodnik Longbow but of course we will pass his impressions about his 2 more Bodnik Bows to you too. Thank you Stefan Wester to share his experiences with us and the archery community. "My Bodnik longbow 40#@28 I...

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Henry Bodnik Instinctive Archery

All of our archery courses and seminars are designed to teach archers how to use a bow and arrow in a natural, instinctive way.

Instinctive Archery with Henry Bodnik

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